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Automated System Analysis using Executable SysML Modeling Patterns


Abstract: SysML is a modeling language used for systems analysis and design. While some domain-specific analyses (e.g., finite element analysis) can only be specified in SysML when combined with other vocabulary, many common analyses can be modeled purely in SysML. In this talk, I focus on one kind of analyses, which is requirements verification, and introduce a new Executable System Engineering Method (ESEM) that automates it using executable SysML modeling patterns that involve structural, behavioral and parametric diagrams.  Analysis models defined with ESEM become executable using a general purpose SysML execution engine. I present the method and demonstrate it on a running example derived from an industrial case study where the power requirements of a telescope subsystem are verified. The example involves dynamic power roll-ups in different operational scenarios. It was prototyped in the MagicDraw modeling tool and made executable using its Cameo Simulation Toolkit.

Venue: CEA LIST, Paris, France, March 2016

Download (PDF, 3.04MB)