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Diagram Definition Implementation in Papyrus 1.1


Abstract: Diagram Definition (DD) is an OMG specification that allows for rigorous definition of the concrete graphical syntax of MOF-based modeling languages. DD allows the specification of two aspects for a graphical language: (i) its diagram interchange (DI) syntax, and (ii) its diagram graphics (DG) syntax and how its maps to its abstract syntax. DD has been used on at least three standard languages (BPMN, UML and SysML) to define their diagram interchange syntaxes. This presentation introduces a reference implementation of the DD specification in the Mars release of Eclipse in the context of the Papyrus 1.1 UML tool. The implementation has also been used to rigorously define the interchange and graphical syntaxes of all UML diagrams. The presentation discusses the implementation architecture, the design choices, and the challenges. It also shows plenty of examples and outlines the next steps.

Venue1st Papyrus workshop on DSML Technologies, Toulouse, France

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