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Meeting Customer’s Reporting Requirements by Extending BIRT


Abstract: This presentation demonstrates how the Eclipse open source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) is integrated and extended with IBM Rational Data Architect (RDA) to meet the customers’ requirements on model reporting and solve real-world problems. RDA is a comprehensive development environment for data modeling, relating and integrating data assets, and developing database applications. It’s built using Eclipse and its models are based on EMF and DTP SQL models. The previous classic RDA reporting used EMF to XML and XSLT transformation. The problem with the classic reports is that the content and format of reports are fixed and can’t meet the wide variety of requests from enterprise customers. Also, the underline EMF models of RDA are complicated to capture the richness of the SQL object structures and relationships and may not be understand easily by the end users. You will learn from this talk how we provided the users a solution to allow them to generate customized reports the way they want without a complete understanding of the underline EMF model. We will share with the audience our EMF ODA driver design experience and demonstrate how the customers can use our report templates to generate reports to meet their special needs.

Venue: EclipseCon 2008, Santa Clara, California

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