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Model Driven Engineering in Practice



Model-driven engineering (MDE) is a software development methodology that focuses on the use of models for specifying software systems. Models play a key role in the software development process by driving the development, documentation, and evolution of software systems. This course introduces MDE and focuses on an increasingly popular realization of it called Model Driven Architecture (MDA). The course touches on all aspects of MDA including definition of a modeling languageā€™s abstract and concrete syntax, validation rules, model-to-model transformations, model-to-text transformations, and graphical modeling editors. It also discusses modeling in a team environment and model analysis with patterns. Finally, it discusses semantic web technologies and how they are used in MDE. The course introduces a range of modeling tools and frameworks used in the industry today and ties in all concepts together with a common project.


Code: SYSC5709 (Advanced Topics in Software Engineering)
Venue: Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carleton University
Term: Summer 2014