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Towards a More Collaborative and Integrated Approach to Software Design


Abstract: Design is more important than ever as software systems continue to increase in complexity, become more distributed, expose multiple interfaces and have more integration points. Design process has also become more complex, involving dispersed teams, third-party components, outsourcing providers and business partners. Nevertheless, design tools have not sufficiently been coping with these growing challenges. In addition, such tools are often used in silo, where they are poorly, if at all, integrated with other tools (for requirements, testing, work items, etc.) in the development lifecycle. In this presentation, I introduce Rational Design Management (DM), a new design tool from IBM that addresses a lot of these challenges. Specifically, DM boosts the quality and understanding of design, shrinks design time and streamlines the design process by enabling a collaborative design approach. DM heavily leverages semantic web technologies and implements the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) specification to deliver a linked data approach for managing design. Such an approach facilitates design extensibility, reuse and integration across the development lifecycle. It also enables seamless integration with other lifecycle tools to support some key end-to-end development workflows.

Venue: Simula Research Lab, Oslo, Norway

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